Shinwa Ponchi

Status in Japan: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance & Seinen.
Author: Katsura Asuka | ????


Aritake Deigo has decided to move out an go live on his own no matter the cost. The reason for this is that he can no longer stand living with his family anymore. All he wants is to find a place to live a miserly life of self-loathing. While talking to an apartment agent, he encounters a strange blue haired girl carrying a snake statue. When he starts hearing a faint voice come from the statue he grows curious and touches it. A blinding flash of light ensues and he loses consciousness. Upon waking up, he finds out that he has been possessed by Lyssa, the Goddess of Madness. As a result if he doesnt live a life of happiness, he will be taken over by the Goddess of Madness and die!


  1. Volume 2

  2. Volume 1

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