Re:Birth - The Lunatic Taker

Status in Japan: 5 Volumes (Ongoing)
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Seinen, Supernatural
Author(s): Lim Dall Young and Lee Soo Hyon


Reiji is your typical high-school student living with his big sister Ayaka. One day he stumbles upon a pair of bracelets on the sidewalk. He picks them up and tries to find the owner, but gets sidetracked as a bag snatcher runs his direction. He tries to stop him but is stabbed and killed. On the brink of death, he hears a voice from the bracelets "If thou wishes to live, form a contract." What has Reiji gotten himself into? And what exactly does the contract entail?

Continued and finished by Muda. Guess we were too slow.


  1. Volume 2

  2. Volume 1

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