Grand Xmas Release


Welcome to the new and improved imangascans website~

It`s been a long road to get to the point of releasing it!

Thanks to Hawk for putting up with me (and the other staff members) and building this gem of a site~

Any bugs/missing info you can put forward in a pm to me or Hawk, thanks.

Also, if anybody feels like writing summaries for any series feel free to do so (and be credited for it on the project page).

Other than that I bring you the long awaited Onward! Maiden Road. The oneshot I did especially for Kajii (??).

And all these wonderful releases done by our team:

Onward! Maiden Road

MedakaBox – Chapter 32

Baby Steps – Chapter 09

Tsubame Syndrome – Chapter 24

The Ruler of the Land – Chapter 22

Nagato Yuki – Chapter 6

Ikigami – Chapter 21 | Click for extra page

Dageki Joi Saori – Chapter 03

Kurohime – Chapter 50

Tokyo Toy Box – Chapter 02

Witchcraft Troops – Chapter 03

Koibito Play – chapter 01 | Click for extra page

Hiyokoi – Chapter 02

Also; on a side note.. with the transfer some unexpected things happened. If you come across something that does not work, like an unlinked forum account, just let us know :D

EDIT: Added Hiyokoi Chapter 02

And one Note: It seems that some people are wondering where our forum is.

It moved to

Edit 2: A little late but here it is:

Good Ending – Chapter 12

A few more releases tonight, look forward to it :D

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