Full contact 12

woot finish the volume!! hopefully vol 3 will be much faster now that we have an extra typesetter on it. our new staff as you can see from the piture above is razorapple. I don;t know anything about him aside from the fact that he is around irc alot but doesn`t talk…so…i think he will just slave for us XD and wont talk back…hehe

Heads Chapter 3

Well, this chapter has been a LONG time coming, but I have finally got it done for you folks. This chapter will delve deeper into everything that has happened so far, although I won`t say how much, you`ll have to read for yourself to find out.


Oh, and yes, I know I didn`t build up this chapter better, but I`m sick so please forgive me for not building like I normally do.

Chocolate ch01

We have been sitting on the raws of this new shoujo series for a while, and finally got around to releasing it. It`s Fukushima Haruka`s latest shoujo manga, Chocolate! (author of AAA, amongst others). adytu99 did an amazing job redrawing a bunch of stuff, so I feel like I have to properly thank him (you`re a `him`, right? :crazy:). I especially love this first chapter; it`s a killer. Without further ado, download that sucker and read it!

Read this Manga online =http://reader.imangascans.com/Chocolate>>here<<[/URL][/B] [/center]

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