Heads Chapter 3

Well, this chapter has been a LONG time coming, but I have finally got it done for you folks. This chapter will delve deeper into everything that has happened so far, although I won`t say how much, you`ll have to read for yourself to find out.


Oh, and yes, I know I didn`t build up this chapter better, but I`m sick so please forgive me for not building like I normally do.

Chocolate ch01

We have been sitting on the raws of this new shoujo series for a while, and finally got around to releasing it. It`s Fukushima Haruka`s latest shoujo manga, Chocolate! (author of AAA, amongst others). adytu99 did an amazing job redrawing a bunch of stuff, so I feel like I have to properly thank him (you`re a `him`, right? :crazy:). I especially love this first chapter; it`s a killer. Without further ado, download that sucker and read it!

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Full contact 11

really sorry for this late release…was planning to get it out on Christmas o_O but i got lazy and started playing games haha… but thanks to all many staff chapter 12 is ready soon too!

even though it late but happy new years! and hope that this year will be great and that things will return to normal (like when the family is back) staff wise.


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