Chocolate chapter 02

Here we go, chapter 2 of Chocolate! Continuing where the omg we left off. The image above is a spoiler really, but it`s a funny one so you`ll have to forgive us. Some small staff changes because of holidays, but that shouldn`t stand in the way of anything. I really don`t have anything else to say at the moment, so please just enjoy and leave a comment or two~

Oh, and please remember to not upload this anywhere else for the next 12 hours. We`ll upload it to mangafox ourselves~

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First Love MALISA Chapter 2

Well folks, for those that have been waiting, here it is, Chapter 2 of First Love MALISA. I`ve had this one done for about 5 days, and have been forgetting to upload it her because one of my links didn`t want to upload it. Yeah, lame excuse I know, sorry. Well, never mind that now here it is and hope you enjoy.

[Newcomer] Machigatta Light Novel no Tsukurikata – Chapter 1

Also by far the best credit page EVER

Well, look at that, a second newcomer today. This one is hilarious. It was fun to typeset it! SO READ IT I WORKED HARD. I hate leechers…making me do all this work…failing half my classes you whores. And i don`t even get a thanks anymore x-x.

From MH:

How to create a light novel #1: Character. This is how Kirino begins her project of writing a light novel. She finds Suzuha standing outside and finds her attractive and asks her if she could be her model for her light novel. Kirino claims that she wishes to receive the rookie award, and top the popularity of the Haruhi light novel series. Suzuha declines, but Kirino refuses to give up and constantly stalks her to obtain as much information as possible about Suzuha. A hilarious comedy of unexpected events and sexual jokes begins here!

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