Soul Catcher(S) Ch041

An interesting phenomenon in the Japanese language is the existence of wasei-eigo terms. Those are words that a Japanese person might assume are of English origin (and perhaps they were, at some point in the distant past), but to an English speaker they’re either nonsense, or have a completely different meaning than what is intended.

Some examples:
kuuraa – air conditioner
consento – power socket
furaido poteto – French fries
nooto pasokon – laptop
jaazhii – tracksuit
saidaa – soda
baikingu – all-you-can-eat buffet
manshon – apartment

Nothing to do with music, I know… Enjoy the new chapter.

Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch012

Wow, this chapter alone had 7 doublespread pages to be merged. But our team of redrawers were fearless and didn’t back down from a challenge. Love them to bits!

In this chapter I did my very first merge since being in the scanlation community back in 2013…It turned out alright! (It’s the 4th page into the story…)

After this we have chapters 13, 14 and an epilogue and then this story arc will be at a close. No! (>.<) Hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did!

Hakoniwa no Fraulein Ch001

Holy crap.

Y’all never expected me to still be alive after we gave Baby Steps away, did you?! Really though, let’s talk some sports; both online and athletic ones. The T’Wolves look nice on paper; it’s just unfortunate they can’t finish games. CLG’s roster doesn’t look like it’ll ever change, but personally I think that’s a good thing (let’s go Aphromoo!). The Wild are in the middle of the pack and that’s not really a good thing.

Oh… here’s a new series. I was going to have pochacco release it, but I really wanted to see if I still had the ability to post things. I’m sure that the last thing you would want is another youtube video. Seriously now, georgi gets way too out-of-hand with those.

Not-even-a-minute edit: Whoops. Borked the reader. Working on it. At least the dll works. Where’s georgi when you need him?

A-few-minutes edit: Unborked the reader. -georgi

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