Soul Catcher(S) Ch042

While working on manga, I let my music library loop, and through this particular chapter my k-pop collection played this not once, not twice, but a total of 13 times!! Either I need to fill it with more songs, or the looping algorithams are sending a subliminal message. I thought it was pretty appropriate, given that the crew is going to see well… cherry blossoms…

Please enjoy the chapter!

Campione! Ch004

Eventually I’m going to get this right, I swear. Realistically you would figure that after two years of being back in scanlation I would competently release something without anything messing up (may all my incidences of messing up Baby Steps releases never have to be relieved), but I feel like it’s something I’ve become synonymous with around here now.

It seems I’m always firing off releases for new series we’re suddenly doing; talk about fun times! Quite unlike my Wild, who are going through a weird losing streak; hopefully they’ll turn it around before playoffs.

edit: Yup, I’ve done it again. GEORGI!!|
edit 2: “!notrigger004” is quite possibly the funniest thing to come about to actually go in to a bot for. I’m thankful for georgi for listening to my hilarity; not so much for his choice of hockey team.

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