Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
Genre: Drama, Mature, Mystery, Psychological & Seinen.
Author: Mase Motoro | ????


Welcome to the new age of Japan. An age where people from the ages 18-24 live everyday wondering, am I going to die today? Welcome to a Japan under the guidance of the National Prosperity Protection Act, or NPPA. A law that says, for the prosperity of the country, in order to make people realize how precious life is, everyday someone will die. Come and take a look into the life of a delivery man of Ikigamis, or death notices to those about to die, Fujimoto Touhon, and those poor souls he delivers the dreaded Ikigamis to. Would you react in the same ways as them? Or would you react differently? Only one way to find out, and that is to read.

Written by Black Foot Sanji



  1. Volume 6

  2. Volume 5

  3. Volume 4

  4. Volume 3

  5. Volume 2

  6. Volume 1

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