The website Inside Scanlation provides an interesting history of scanlation in general.

Events that have marked scanlation in recent years are:

  • The proliferation of scanlators hosting their own online readers using FoOlSlide
  • The creation of Batoto towards the beginning of 2011, and the ensuing conflict between scanlators and other online readers, such as MangaFox
  • Google shutting down AdSense accounts hosted on Batoto towards the beginning of 2012
  • Greater willingness for publishers to experiment with online publishing models, such as Crunchyroll Simulpub that was announced towards the end of 2013
  • Mangaupdates was hit by a C&D towards the end of 2013, forcing the removal of links pointing to scanlator websites

Things relating to Imangascans in particular haven’t been changing as quickly in recent years. futari, former admin, disappeared along with a bunch of donation money, while Hawk, former webmaster, was uncooperative, which forced admins georgi, Kajii, and LordLestat, in the winter of 2010, to reverse-engineer and transfer the site to a new domain. This isn’t very rare in scanlation, and should be a lesson to new groups that domains and hosting must be handled very carefully, owned by admins if possible, and transferred with the highest priority whenever admins decide to retire. Failure to do so could result in the death of a group, even if there are many staff members willing to continue operations.

Two translators, Chaba-san and cmertb, have joined the admin team since then. Other staff members come and go, so the team remains alive and dynamic on IRC, ensuring the group’s continued survival… for the time being. Kajii has been thinking of retiring soon, and this might very well be the first step towards the eventual dismantling of the team. We’ll still try to keep things going as long as we can…

It’s difficult and a bit unfair to mention particular members of our staff here, other than the admins. Obviously, we could never be what we are without the dedication of many throughout the years. Many show up for a while, then quietly fade away, so I personally end up cherishing the people who’ve remained, regardless of what work they might put in. People like ZeroDC, powha, kundumstaf, wilcoxii, schthaxe, CraN, joeshen, prinny, Lollipop, busaway, TheUnknownMercenary, cQuaid, Thuzad, Ghostflower, ilikefood, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting, are the people who still hang out on IRC and make it harder for us to quit.

Note: The history below is, well, history. It was written towards the end of 2010, roughly, but it is an interesting read and does well to describe the turbulence involved with scanlation, especially in a group’s infant stages.

Imangascans was established on a beautiful day in May, 2009. The exact date seems to fluctuate depending on how many releases we said we could have for our first birthday… and how badly broken Kajii-mee`s car window was. I hope you got it fixed already, Kajii-mee~

Many of our staff today still remember our three founders with the warmest affection, a sprinkle of rage for good measure, and for some, flagrant indifference. This is because before Generation IV settled down, all three of the founders had bailed on us. Lulu’s parents found out that he’s secretly into lolis (linkto: Lucky Star) and put him in a boarding school (as if that’d help). Pure retired to Hawaii with the shitload of money he made from scanlation, leaving behind many weeping secret projects that many weeping staffers scrambled to take care of, all the while weeping. And Ruxeol… I- I don’t know. I think I saw him last month. Then he disappeared again. Um… yeah.

With the establishment of a permanent forum came some wonderful trolls named Adam, bracky, soDeq, clar, S-chan, armand’oh!, Mr. Sanji, and a handful of others I can’t remember anymore. Hey, it’s been a long time. Some helped the Founders with manga scanlations, some didn’t. But company was good; the Founders needed company. These were the Gen II fellows; they, too, have largely disappeared from the scene. Some left later than others, but that’s another story entirely. One with lots of drama. Ask us on IRC.

The mangas scanlated by the Gen II’ers included such classics as Bleach, OP, To-Love-Ru, Medaka Box, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. That’s funny, I totally expected Naruto in there, but it wasn’t. Sasukay-kun!!!

Then, as if a divine hand had parted the clouds, magnificent rays of light were cast on the barren land while fair maidens descended upon Imangascans. They, my friend, were the fabled “translators”. Shrines were built in their names; faithfuls came from around the world to worship them. Kuro-sama, Gachi-nee, and to a lesser extent, Kasei, produced miracles mere mortals could only dream of. If you are graced with their presence on IRC, sacrifice your first born to them. Fling yourself to their feet and beg to be slapped by their divine large trout. That’s… what she said? <_<; The Goddesses love blood. Also shotas. Also yaoi. Looooots of yaoi <3

And yes, they’re actually girls. All of them. Take that, Rule 16!

The joinage of the translators necessitated the inclusion of proofreaders, because Kasei was an illiterate fuck. Azn (who allegedly joined as a cleaner after cleaning one page out of the 12-paged test and failing like the miserable loser that he is… er, I love you azn!!) took advantage of this opening, and, in his own words, “the quality of ims releases plummeted like the Great Depression,” (quote 169). Fortunately, we still had World, an actually competent proofreader, and when he retired not-too-long-ago he left gigantic shoes to fill. Thanks a lot. He also left his whip to sheektheif, of all people, so now no-one can tell sheek to GO THE FUCK TO SCHOOL anymore because we’ll be promptly whipped while he cries “World I love you come back to me.” Don’t be fooled, World, we worry for your innocence. Good luck on your studies, kiddo.
Go Bruins (who are better than the Canadiens). * Kit-chan curtsies *

Besides, sheek already has Noobz. They go out all the time, holding hands, licking each other’s ice-cream cones, shopping for yins and yangs and whatnot, etc. etc. etc. I have pics to prove it.

Gen III also saw the emergence of 2-5 Enlightened Beings, depending on your metre. Supreme Commander futa-chan took over as the Founders disappeared one after another, whipped our lazy and unorganized asses into shape, and got herself married – scandalous, perfectly scandalous! I wish there’s more of it. Kajii-mee decided that he didn’t want to be a busy admin with no life anymore and merged his own group, NoName Scan [sic], with Imangascans, only to find himself an even busier admin here. (Though, he did try to cope with the pressure of it all by 404’ing our forums over and over again, so I have no sympathy for him.) There’s this person called Gen. Commander Exia on our members page, and even though I don’t know who he is or what he’s done or where he is now I’ll go ahead and assume that he was an important figure in the history of Imangascans. A public IRC channel and a private staff chan were established sometime around this period, give or take, and for the longest time Zero was the lone king in his rein. I suspect Hawk-chan must’ve been active around this time, too, though the fruition of his work came a bit later. See the website you’re on right now? The air you breathe, the water you drink, the basement you sleep in? They’re all Hawk-chan’s creation. Bow down to him.

Did I miss any Gen III’ers here? You’re probably not important. Go away.

The Gen IV’ers were a bunch of procrastinating no-lifes that only churn out work 5 weeks after you whoop their asses. V-chan is the definition of their generation. Archie-poo is slightly better, though he’s prone to run into hot chicks on the bus and not-talking to them. Ady loves milk. Kit-chan is furry. Jo is… Irish? I think. Ikari trolled the staff chan for a little and then died. Mist was another angelic translator. By the way, all Imangascans translators are female; no exceptions. Reck is reckless. Pooky loves wearing bear suits.

I’m getting tired of writing this, so I’ll just pile the Gen I-lost-count people on top of each other here. Nobody cares about them, anyway. Just kidding, we love slaves. When you join, (because you’re obviously thinking of joining,) your name will be added to the following clusterfuck:

5-chan (Where are you, girl?), Sang, Shaolee, War-chan (War Beam!), Les-chan (meet you at NF), PROz-chan (you’ll win over Kajii-mee’s heart one of these days, I believe in you!), cheese_cake, Gnuffie (I want my Jutten! Also Hiyokoi! Also Chocolate!), Mel, J, Oplease, Kiriyuu, byelnats

Reiko, food-chan (no HMS yet, sorry), georgi-chan (hai), solowing

Amit (stop complaining about Indian women), linux (love your kinky projects), akash, Razorblade, King Log (how’s the water-bottling business? lmao) Zeando, Kiatsu, roro (go to school, young one), Bolt, Haru-chan (wait shouldn’t you be part of Gen II? Whatever), Shavi, Hazama (Kimiiro’s coming, I swear), LS (are you for real, girl?), Red_Eyes, DM

Other people that matter:
g0urra, Rangerkern, Universum, Havlock, a03, dragos, Sougo-chan (lay off the drugs, bro), kayla, NoComment (Happy belated birthday), cQuaid, Hikarino, oyzar, Vicky-chan, taka-chan (lose the script, you giant troll), Shun-chan (hai), Empathy-chan, TM, pibb-chan, Rena-chan, all the staff at CXC, RH, VI, FTH, and other groups Kajii-mee did joints with once-upon-a-time, all the bots and bot owners, all the leechers that talked (and got perma-voiced), all the leechers that didn’t talk, all the anonymous visitors that cranked up our stats, and y-o-u! <3

Don`t try to copy us. It will never happen ;)

Manga Matters.