Status in Japan: 4 volumes (Complete)
Genre: Action, Adult, Psychological & Seinen.
Author: Higashino Keigo | ????
Artist: Mase Motoro?| ????


Meet Jun Naruse. He`s your typical, everyday member of the boring workforce in Japan. However, one day he met Megumi Hamura and that was when his life began to change for the better, until one fateful day. On that day, he saved the life of a little girl in a real estate office from a robber, having half of his brain blown out in the process. However, due to a miracle chance, he still lives. By a great chance, he was able to receive half of a brain from a donor. Will he be able to continue living his life with Megumi as normally as before, or will he begin to travel down a entirely new path nobody could ever have imagined? Only one way to find out, and that is to read.

Written by Black Foot Sanji


  1. Volume 4

  2. Volume 3

  3. Volume 2

  4. Volume 1

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