When is the next Baby Steps coming out?

We have decided to drop Baby Steps and handed it off to our friends at Angelic Scanlations.

I am from a French/Russian/German/Antarctican scanlation group. Can we translate from your releases?

All international groups are welcome to use our releases in any way that they’d like.

Can I upload your releases on online readers?

Yes. Anyone can upload our releases anywhere.

Is there a waiting period before I can upload?

No. You can upload our releases anywhere as soon as they are out.

Can I join?

Absolutely, feel free to apply. Please refer to our forum for open positions. We highly prefer candidates who are motivated, coachable and consistently available.

Will you scanlate my favourite series?

The automatic answer is No. We are trying not to pick up new series, though we often can’t help but do so (and regret it later). Having more series means each release will take even longer.

OMG it’s been two months since you released Metal Heart. Is it dropped?

If it’s dropped, it will say so on the projects page. We try to bring all our series to completion.

How can I donate?

You can’t – we no longer accept donations. We used to collect money to cover our costs, but we’ve decided that even that is unnecessary. We scanlate because we love doing it, and we don’t want to give the impression that certain mangas get special treatment just because people like them better and are willing to donate to “speed them up”.

Why did you drop Ikigami? Will you scanlate the Haruhi manga?

We do not scanlate manga that is already licensed in English. It’s a bit silly to waste all that effort doing something that would essentially be detrimental to manga publishers. Plus, it would be a bit like picking up a manga that another group is already actively scanlating, and that’s just low.

Why are you doing X manga that is already done by Y group, then?

We probably picked it up first. However, we are a bit guilty with Hana Michi Otome… we had planned to release it for a long time, but another group beat us to it. They were kind enough to back out, which we really respect and are grateful for.

Why are you holding my favourite manga hostage? Let other groups do it if you won’t release faster!

Scanlating requires time and resources. It’s rare for a well-established group to pick up a series that is already being worked on. Can’t say the same about new groups who are after popularity (but give up after 3 releases). We’re not really stopping anyone, though admittedly we would be upset if a group picked up one of our series without asking first. Chances are we already put in substantial effort into the series, possibly purchasing raws etc.

Where do you get your raws?

Some of them we get off the Internet, but in the majority of cases there aren’t any of sufficient quality. The bigger part of our expenses goes towards purchasing and importing manga volumes.

When is the next El-Palacio coming out?

Same as our other mangas… when we have it done, we release it.

My comment didn’t show up, what gives?

We’ve been getting lots of spam lately. If your comment didn’t show up, it might have been marked as spam and deleted with the rest of it… sorry about that.

How can I get in touch with you?

The best way is through IRC.
There are usually members of staff online, and even if they aren’t, please leave us a message and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. PM’ing staff members on the forum is another good method. You can also message us on Facebook or on Twitter.

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