Make the pages look good

  • Remove Japanese text from bubbles
  • Remove Japanese text outside of bubbles (redraws)
  • Join double pages (redraws)


  • Rotating pages
  • Cropping pages
  • Resizing pages
  • Using Layers
  • Using Levels/Curves
  • Using Actions
  • Redrawing

Imangascans specifics:

  • Final size should be 1400px high, 72 dpi, unless the RAWs do not permit it
  • RAW layer should be left intact
  • Double pages should be joined
  • SFX are left intact (not redrawn)



  • RAW – The original scanned/ripped pages
  • Dust – non-white specs in areas that should be white, and non-black specs in areas that should be black
  • Bleedthrough – when you can see through the page (e.g. images on the other side)
  • DPI – the number of pixels inside one inch
  • SFX – sound effects
  • Tank – from Tankoubon, it refers to scans of a published manga volume
  • Mag – it refers to scans of a magazine

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