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Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari Ch11 and Ch12(end)

OK that series had one of the most random humour I have ever seen. It was also riduculously perverted, contained the biggest penis I have ever seen, and made me see mints under an entirely different light. It’s been more than a year that we picked that one up, and it’s finally over. Thanks to gachimaya who originally agreed to translate it, and then to PROzess who agreed to finish it. Have fun reading the last two chapters!

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Thank you!! Massive Releases

Here as our present as thank you for you donators. We like give you a massive release includes: 6 chapters of Baby Steps, Kimiiro Focus Volume 7 in better quality, 6 chapters Q and A, and lastly the forgotten project 8 chapters Yarisugi Companion.

I would like adds comments by staffs who work on Q and A:

Chaba-san: Q and A was a nice series. Actually I never ever read anything else from Adachi, so I can’t compare it to other works of him, so I don’t know if it’s better or worse than them, (most people say it’s not his best) but I liked this series. It was a bit short, volume 6 kinda escalated quickly, but I personally like the ending.
Originally Hei/stark nagged me on our staff channel to do this series, (more like, short after I joined ims, he asked if I would do it, and I said yes), but I wouldn’t have done it if I wouldn’t like it. There’s a chance I will translate another Adachi series in the future, but I’m quite busy until about the end of January, so not before then.
Thanks for reading this series, and sorry if I left out some jokes or mistranslate something. And of course thanks for everyone who worked on it ;)

icarus_wings: Even though I wasn’t exactly a part of iMS, this series was fun. The jokes were interesting to figure out and working with Chaba-san was wonderful. Thanks to eveyone involved!

Wilcoxii: When Stark asked me to ts the last chs of Q&A i jumped at the chance. I am a fan of Adachi senseis’ work and it was an honour to work on this series. I hope to get to work on more un-scanlated work of Adachi so that everyone can enjoy his masterpieces.

Georgi: I didn’t do shit for this series, but I would like to congratulate all the staff for a job well done and for getting Imangascans involved with one of the greatest manga authors who ever lived.

Stark/Hei: Well, A good series comes to an end, I have always been Adachi fan but could never find tler for it, so special thanks to chaba-san for doing such an awesome job on it. His enthusiasm for it made doing this series worth it. Also thanks to icarus_wings and busaway for working on it even though they were busy beyond belief. And to wilcoxii whom i kidnapped halfway turned out to be another adachi fan. Anatakado kept complaining but didnt give up till the end xD
On the side note, A guy called Akito completed short program v1-3 which you can check on batoto(?). So we have decided to pick the final volume of the series to replace Q&A \o/

Busaway: woah…. check out that adsdachi lol <– pun for every ads that adachi put into this manga xP

Kajii: umm… stark dragged me into this even I don’t want work on it :/


Baby Steps Chapter 131-135

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 25-28

Q and A Chapter 29-34

Yarisugi Companion Chapter 03-10 WARNING: This is MATURE content

PS: Baby Steps start release every Monday only.

NEW SERIES – Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari Ch01

Surprise! It’s a new series!

This has been in the works for quite some time now. A bit of a perverted series about two girls working at a hot spring resort. A Gag manga, pretty much, some will like it, some will not. It’s by the author of Ore to Akuma no Blues and Kangoku Gakuen, by the way.

Yarisugi feels a bit special to me; I think it’s the first IMS release I’ve been involved with from the get-go. It’s only one volume, so it shouldn’t take too long for us to finish it. Hope you guys enjoy it ^^