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Soul Catcher(S) Ch042

While working on manga, I let my music library loop, and through this particular chapter my k-pop collection played this not once, not twice, but a total of 13 times!! Either I need to fill it with more songs, or the looping algorithams are sending a subliminal message. I thought it was pretty appropriate, given that the crew is going to see well… cherry blossoms…

Please enjoy the chapter!

Soul Catcher(S) Ch041

An interesting phenomenon in the Japanese language is the existence of wasei-eigo terms. Those are words that a Japanese person might assume are of English origin (and perhaps they were, at some point in the distant past), but to an English speaker they’re either nonsense, or have a completely different meaning than what is intended.

Some examples:
kuuraa – air conditioner
consento – power socket
furaido poteto – French fries
nooto pasokon – laptop
jaazhii – tracksuit
saidaa – soda
baikingu – all-you-can-eat buffet
manshon – apartment

Nothing to do with music, I know… Enjoy the new chapter.

Soul Catcher(S) Ch038

Chaba doesn’t like sports (in anime/manga), so he wasn’t too thrilled that SC is turning into a baseball manga. But it feels strangely timely to me (Cross Game… Watch it… it’s awesome…)

On the topic of music, I think we’ve had Hibike Euphonium going on. Anyone watching that one? They also had the useless/muda gold in there from what I remember.