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Shinwa Ponchi Ch018

Hi everyone~!

Here we have Shinwa ch 18 for you, with the shocking truth! 2 more chapters to go, what do you think, how will this manga end? I know how it will, already, of course, but I’m curious about what your theories are, so… comments please~

On another note, I’m not sure when we can bring you the last two chapters, I’m waiting for proof on them atm *looks at joeshen*.

Anyway, enjoy this fresh and hot out of the oven chapter~

Shinwa Ponchi Ch016

And as I promised, here’s another Shinwa Ponchi!

I heard that many people are concerned that the ending would be anticlimatic for this manga, since it was axed, and they feel the same would happen as with other manga of this author. I haven’t really read other manga from this author, but, without any spoilers, I would like to say just this: I think this manga has a nice ending, which is not anticlimatic. That said, it is just my own opinion, and you shall figure it out when we get to the end.

Now enjoy this funny and nice little chapter! ^.^

Shinwa Ponchi Ch015


After 3 years we dropped this manga, we repicked it. Even though I say that, we have totally different members working on it this time – heck I don’t even know most of the people who worked on it 3 years ago. You may want to express your extreme gratitude to Azuma for this repick. He was the one who told us, this has only 6 chapters left, so we should finish it up.

So, have fun reading this new chapter, and (hopefully soon) we’ll be back with more~