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Shikotama ch06 (final)

it finally here, the final chapter. Spacial thanks to Gachimaya for willing to finish it, and all the older groups that worked on this…

anyway let celebrate:

  • Constitution Day at Lithuania
  • Gospel Day at Cook Islands
  • Republic Day at Kazakhstan
  • Restoration Day at Taiwan
  • Thanksgiving Day at Grenada

oh, idea was stolen from prinny (he wanted to be different, but now that not possible)

Shikotama ch05

wouldnt’t believe it but i am making this release in class because I just finish uploading it.

anway this series only has 2 chapters left…and it really sad that Ascensions is closing and dropping all their series(like some other groups are). Currently they are offering raws for any groups that are interested in picking up their projects here:

For the last chapter I have been desperately looking for a translator(jpn-> eng). So if anyone is interested, let me know.

also you can give your thanks to Ascension here: