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New Series – Sidooh Chapter 67

Hey all, it’s me again, this time with a new series that Kasei C. REALLY wanted to do to the point of forcing poor us to work on it. Oh well…

So this time around, the series is Sidooh, it’s not a new series, it was previously scanlated by other groups, check out on mangaupdates if you want more info, but it was abandoned and we picked it up, so here’s chapter 67.

Well I guess that’s that… If you want to help with Sidooh, in the near future, we’ll need a cleaner for it.

Enjoy this new series and chapter!

ReBirth-The Lunatic Taker-ch04

SURPRISE?!?! Happy APRIL fools too (this post been planned for April first so if it was release on any other day sorry for the mistakes)
yah we know this has been release already, BUT we at imangascans, have started this project and will be continuing it. And it has been too long since our last release to even remember.

As you can see on the page!!! It our main reason for continuing this series… so hard to write about this…
Kurokami is one of imangascans’ longest member, and has always been miss when she is away. But now that she is starting to be active, we can bath ourself with her presences again.
SO WELCOME BACK KUROKAMI and thanks for putting your time into scanlation again, we certainly look forward to your many abilities and roles at Imangascans, and whatever effort you put into other groups

Look forward to more release though-out the day

ps: sorry guys, I have been really busy, and haven’t posted or commented much, but i always make time to read your post and comments with care?!

As you know final exams are just a few weeks away, and big assignment are due soon, i hope you guys all fail, and give up on thinking that you can pass those macro/micro economic exams, or even that term paper you gotta write. AND look forward to april fool jokes…

Fantasista Chapter 99

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we last released Fantasista, still the same problem, we need a typesetter. Except from that well, not much new.

Random shit: Have you ever had a goddamn bird stuck in your fireplace? It’s so annoying. It keeps bashing on the window and all and basically we are just waiting for it to die, but it’s already been 3 days and it’s still alive… Anyway

Enjoy this new chapter!