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Nyotai-Ka V2 Ch17-24 & V3 Ch12

!creditGood Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Everything-in-between. I’ll keep this short, but please read carefully, as I’ve got some bad news (thought I imagine it could be good news to some).

Nyotai-Ka is dropped. If you are a scanlator and are interested, please go ahead and pick it up.

We started work on Nyotai-Ka roughly one year ago, though it was more of lending a helping hand than anything. Now, a year later, we have decided that this is as far as we go. Thank you for reading so far, but from now on Nyotai-Ka will need a new home. We usually don’t like dropping a series, but there isn’t really any point to keep doing it when nobody in the team really likes it anymore. Let us hope that another scanlator soon picks up from where we left off.

As a final parting gift, we bring you the retouched version of Volume 2, as well as the last chapter of Volume 3

Nyotai-Ka Download Page

Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays, and the best of health and prosperity to all of you. May you be surrounded by love and warmth, wherever and whoever you might be. For the older ones among us, take the time to talk to family and friends and get back in touch.

As usual, we’ve prepared a few treats for you this holiday season to enjoy over the winter (or summer) break. Before that, though, allow me to take this chance to thank you all for all your support this year. It’s not always easy, and we are often forced to delay our releases, but you’ve stuck with us and it means a lot. Let’s hope there are many more years to come! And now, the treats:

Atori Shou Chapter 33-38

Baby Steps Chapter 142

Kuroko no Basuke Chapter 154-156

Welcome to the El-Palacio Chapter 28

Diamond no Ace Chapter 92-93

Nyotai-ka Volume 02 Chapter 13-16 and Volume 03 Chapter 11

Atori Shou
We even did the staff comments thing for that one, but since mine ended up embarrassingly long, I’ll just link to the forum thread.

Once again, Merry Christmas, and Enjoy!