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Nyan Koi update

Lots of people have been asking, so I’ll just answer here. Yes, we are aware there’s a new chapter available. Yes, we have the raws. Yes, we will be releasing it. I can’t really give an ETA at the moment (same as any of my series, really…) but we certainly haven’t forgotten about it.

Nyan Koi Ch033

Nyan Koi Ch033

Here’s Nyan Koi, after what feels like forever. And… it’s a pretty disappointing chapter. No girls! What is this…

In other news, you may notice that cmertb is the translator for this chapter. He also translated c31 and this (and this) is what we said then. So we’ll probably drop this, unless the author suddenly decides to pick up the pace… And brings back the girls…

P.S: Forgot to mention, thanks to JulianV for help with one of the redraws.

Nyan Koi Ch32

Hi folks! So here’s chapter 32 of Nyan Koi. Enjoyable chapter, I guess… had its funny moments, its cute moments, etc… Please welcome wana10 to the team! He’ll be translating the series.
Let’s hope for more chapters to come!

Note: a bit of an oopsie on the credit page… raw is from Comic Meteor – they merged with Flex.