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Melty Blood X Ch.03

I really liked Hisui in this chapter. She’s just so cute~ Probably my favourite of the girls, though Kohaku is a very close second.

There wasn’t that much action this chapter, other than Ries indulging in her individualistic desires. She’s cute too, I guess. Anyway, enjoy, and give a shout out to Linksys, without whom this release wouldn’t be possible.

Melty Blood X Ch.02

A chapter of great romance and intrigue… exploring the wonders of engineering and various humanist philosophies… delving into Ancient Egyptian history… and most importantly, featuring lots of cute girls! Please check it out, and give a shout out to Linksys, ’cause he deserves it. Oh, and Stark, and all the other people that don’t really matter that much…

New Series: Melty Blood X

Yeah, I know, I know, yet another release. But hey, at least it’s Type-Moon!

I haven’t read Melty Blood, or any of the other Type-Moon mangas, but I’ve played some of the games and they’re really nice. I hear Melty Blood is quite funny, and I guess this one will be as well, so check it out! (well, this chapter is more like a preview or an ad, so don’t expect too much)

All thanks for this one goes to Stark. Leave a comment if you’d like to have his babies.