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Kimi no Knife Ch071 (End)

Kimi no Knife Ch071

It’s a pretty special feeling when you release the last chapter of a series. To me, bringing a series to completion is the ultimate accomplishment for a scanlator. It is delivering on your promise despite life getting in the way, and I can only hope we can manage the same for as many of our other series as possible.

We didn’t do Kimi no Knife from the beginning, as you might know, but sort of adopted it along with a few other projects when Endless-Abyss was closed down. It’s been a little bit over 9 months since we started, and a little less than 3 years for the project as a whole, but here it is, finally. It was quite a finale, and even I got a little excited reading the closing chapters. I don’t want to spoil, so I won’t say more. Please enjoy the last chapter, whether you’ve been a dedicated follower from the beginning, or a yet unsuspecting new initiate to Kotegawa Yua’s work. Farewell. It was a pleasure.