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Itsuka Tenma Ch18

Another one of those seemingly forgotten series. Don’t worry, we don’t forget. Or at least we try not to…
All thanks should go to TheUnknownMercenary and SilentCountdown for that one. Well, and larethian, of course, but he had done his part of the work ages ago… Let’s see if we’ll get to release this one a little bit more often, but I’m not making any promises.

The chapter itself was a bit… confusing. Personally I had to read a couple of the previous chapters just to remember what was going on, heh. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone~!

We don’t have many releases,since we were busy lately :/ but we have a nice new series call Hand’s along with new chapters of Baby Steps and Sidooh, and much more in few hours~

PS: Sidooh Lovers, If you want more chapters, please come on irc, we will release every 30min-1 hours \o/

PSS: whoever wonder about Kuroko no Basket, it will out after January, Sorry

As for Baby Steps, we are currently looking for a Redrawer for Baby Steps in order to speed up the releases(5 chapters per week). Please apply on the forum if you are interested. The next chapter should be after new years’ eve.


Hand’s Ch01-05

Baby Steps Ch55

Sidooh Ch95-97

Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch21

Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi Ch17

That’s all for now, We will take a break, we will come back after January 8th. Enjoy your holiay~!

Itsuka Tenma ch15

nothing much to say at this time, it been the same, busy with life, exams, blah blah blah etc etc
Hopefully you wont have to wait long for the next release since we got Larethian to help again =]

One more thing, light novels are awesome and good for reading on the bus, I suggest getting the bakaReader app(or going to baka-tsuki site) and read some of the stories.

Happy thanksgiving!