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New Series! – Doronkyu Ch01-05

Hello! Today I have the pleasure and privilege to announce one small insanity, another new series we’re picking up! This one’s a 4-koma, something totally new for us. With the new series, I also have the pleasure to introduce our new translator, Haruhi! Hi, Haruhi! Our own little goddess! (georgi brushes off a tear) Ahem, also, although he’s not on the credit page, got to thank Chaba-san for his incessant nagging to make sure that I get this done. And of course, many thanks to pochacco7 for her high quality work.

The series itself focuses on two girls – one a fearless sadist and another a scaredy cat ghost magnet. I do hope you like it.

Note: Reader link only mentions chapter 1 but it does have everything up to chapter 5. Cheers.