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Caterpillar Operetta – the final act

We, at imangascans present you guys with the final chapter of Caterpillar Operetta!!! It has been a year and a half since we picked up this series, and it only 10 chapters….Nevertheless we were able to finish another project, rather than leaving it in limbo. Really have to thank all the staff who kept this project ongoing till now(some important people to thank: kajii, kurokami[really the one who got the series started], gachimaya, prozess, and all the other). Remember that it not everyday that a projects reachcompletions.

some scanlation news:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Village Idiot Scans(
congratulation on surviving another year

caterpillar 10

i just got home from work….and kajii is done…i just wanted to sit down kick bacck and enjoy my ice cream. But nooo, write a release post goes kajii. such a hard worker >_>

5mins later-
…..i forgot about this post. my bad. 1 more chapter left, look forward to it when it ready. also dont worry shout box people, just leave it to kajii to bring back some ecchiness here