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Campione! Ch006

Our group has decided to release Chapter 6 in order to not to let everyone’s hard work go to waste. Sorry it took so long to do that. I guess everyone needs a fire lit under them from time to time.

Anyways, I do acknowledge that we don’t have the staff to continue scanlationing Campione!, but Renascence Scans is willing to pick this up, so I will simply wish them good luck.

Visit their homepage at

Campione! Ch005

I was chatting with cmertb earlier and we had a chuckle about our record of “finishing” series. Well, finishing remains the goal, but as for how long that takes, well… The good news is we’re one chapter closer to finishing Campione. And another optimistic view might be that through our efforts, we are encouraging more and more people to learn Japanese! Yeah…
Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

Campione! Ch004

Eventually I’m going to get this right, I swear. Realistically you would figure that after two years of being back in scanlation I would competently release something without anything messing up (may all my incidences of messing up Baby Steps releases never have to be relieved), but I feel like it’s something I’ve become synonymous with around here now.

It seems I’m always firing off releases for new series we’re suddenly doing; talk about fun times! Quite unlike my Wild, who are going through a weird losing streak; hopefully they’ll turn it around before playoffs.

edit: Yup, I’ve done it again. GEORGI!!|
edit 2: “!notrigger004” is quite possibly the funniest thing to come about to actually go in to a bot for. I’m thankful for georgi for listening to my hilarity; not so much for his choice of hockey team.