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Baby Steps Ch249

“In order to believe in myself.”

Let’s talk about how the Miami Dolphins defense is overrated; that’s pretty sad to watch my team go 1-2 to the Jaguars & the Bills. At least the T-Wolves are shaping up to look pretty good (on paper), but then again… the Dolphins defense looked pretty good on paper.

Baby Steps Ch247

“The flow of the match can only last so long…”

With that said, Mei-Mei didn’t properly introduce oneself, so say hi and be nice. Summer League is alive and well, and like CLG every split… “potential” is the keyword we’re looking at for the T-Wolves.

sidenote: Mei-Mei didn’t seem to have any of the uploading issues I encountered when I first started; completely unfair, I say.

Baby Steps Ch246

Could this be a start of a turnaround for Maruo?

The more important question is whether or not Golden State can get their game together and play some actual basketball instead of the ‘Let’s bomb threes for the hell of it.’ routine. And yes, I’m still at a loss as to why the T-Wolves drafted Flynn instead of Curry in 2009.

Baby Steps Ch245

The match against Kanda continues. Is there a way to break through his aggressive attacks and ‘Kabai Spirit’?

Wild lost, T-Wolves get first pick (don’t draft from UNLV, our Forwards aren’t as hyped up as you think they are), and I’m prepping for interviews this coming week (which is why doing all the stuff over again is taking time). I don’t get paid to scanlate, so getting a job does take precedence at the moment. :^)

To note, the next chapter has two or so pages left, but I’m not satisfied with it; call it OCD.

Edit: Damn you Mailna, lolol.

Baby Steps Ch244

tl;dr: GO WILD; SUCK IT HA-, I mean, BLUES! Computer death, loss of files, job searching and soul searching.

Let’s start off by saying that the Minnesota Wild beat the St. Louis Blues 4-2 and that, to me, is very significant. The dreams of a Wild / Habs finals are still very much real, but as the lone American rooting in the NHL here, I feel like I’m the underdog. Regardless, GO WILD!

Now on to the less important matters. About 2 weeks ago my computer decided it would be funny and corrupt itself into oblivion (way to go Windows!) with my backup timer having been set to apparently back everything up by quarter-year. So it’s been pretty much three weeks of attempts to recover data through various methods and then ultimately declaring, “Fuck it.” and wiping the entire drive after I thought enough had been recovered. The fact that this occurred during the time I was knee-deep in running multiple applications through the ringer, it was definitely an experience… I would rather not want to live through again. Despite that, the job hunt grind continues, whoo~. (Also, sorry Chaba I didn’t do the last chapter, but you finished it anyway! Yay! =D)

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s a Chapter. Let’s look forward to the T-Wolves’ chances next year, yeah? (./sarcasm)

Add-on: Yes, I know of page 42. A page edit will occur, it just won’t be announced since I like it that way.