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Status of Good Ending

Hi, maybe some of you are wondering what happened with chapter 109, well it was on a break, so it should have been this week. However, we decided that we could no longer do Good Ending. Why? Because our beloved translator Gachimaya decided to retire, so instead of replacing her, we decided to drop it. I will give you info on which group will pick it up, so keep your eyes open on these updates. Thank you for supporting us on Good Ending project, it’s been a long run :)

UPDATES: Red Hawk will pick up Good Ending Project so visit them:

About Kitsune no Yomeiri:

We do have up to volume 7, so whoever is interested in working on it, let me know if we can do a joint or if you want to do it by yourself. Please contact me by the name of Kajii on irc.


We imangascans staffs thank you for everything you’ve done for us, you are our idol :3, we always will love you. we would like to wish you the best with your real life! hang in there~! please come by to visit us on irc some times~


I would just like to thank everyone for the show of their support in our work. It is unfortunate, but there’s nothing we can really do about the recent activity with inyourfacescans[IYF]. We will, of course, continue to provide High Quality releases of GE every Sunday.