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Nyan Koi update

Lots of people have been asking, so I’ll just answer here. Yes, we are aware there’s a new chapter available. Yes, we have the raws. Yes, we will be releasing it. I can’t really give an ETA at the moment (same as any of my series, really…) but we certainly haven’t forgotten about it.

State of DnA

Hi folks! Two things.

One, our dear Lycaons has retired due to personal reasons. He’s had a remarkable run with us, translating over 100 hundred chapters of DnA starting at chapter 128 back in October of last year. Thank you, Lycaons, and thanks to all the other staff who worked on DnA and made it all possible. With Lycaons retiring, though, we are left with no translator for DnA. Unless someone competent volunteers to take his place, the series isn’t really going anywhere.

Two, TDX seems to have picked up DnA. I’m really tempted to just leave him/them take care of the rest. So if we do drop it, just go bug TDX to bridge the gap of chapters.

So there you have it, DnA will most likely be dropped. I will release any remaining scripts to the public if I decide to go that route.

Daiya no A Ch132


Many bad news all around. First of all, we are officially dropping Fantasista. We have no staff whatsoever to work on it and that has been the case for a while, so no point in keeping it dead here. If any team wants to pick it up, they have our blessing.

Second, Diamond no Ace has become quite a burden on us, because we asked many times for people to help us, but it never resulted in anything. Yes, we had a nice drive of many chapters in the last two days and to be honest, chapter 132 was supposed to be the last one before we dropped the series. However, I have been convinced to think otherwise and give you guys a chance to keep it alive by applying. We will drop this series by the end of volume 16 (current volume) if we do not have an experience cleaner joining us to work on this series. We are not joking with this. Also a typesetter would be more than welcome.

In any case, like I said, many bad news, but I still hope you enjoy this new chapter!

Melty Blood X Dropped


Hi folks! Just letting you know that we are dropping Melty Blood X.

The good news is that the manga is now being released here, so it will probably be finished, and finished competently.

It’s been a bumpy ride on our side. It’s a shame that Stark’s hard work will be put to waste, as I know he took great initiative in finding translators and cleaning all the unreleased chapters, but nondescriptors are using tanks for the raws so the quality should be pretty good, not to mention the change in font choice (lol). I’m just sorry I didn’t put in the work I had promised into this project to see it to completion, and I apologize to Kurumi and tiRAWRmisu whose work on chapter 6 will be wasted.

Love and peace.

Found: Alive!

WantedLadies and Gents!

The lost lamb has found his way back to us! It might seem like a short time and we are just abusing of your time, but it is in fact not quite so. Indeed, he has lost his way for over 18 days, which is quite scary, out there alone, in this unforgiving world!

But let us rejoice, for the previous manhunt has brought him back to us, for he has seen our desperation and heeded our call! The reward shall not be forfeited, even if he came back by himself, for we aim to please!

May we go to sleep in peace tonight, knowing that our baby has come back to the flock!

Deputy Marshall LordLestat