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Campione! Ch006

Our group has decided to release Chapter 6 in order to not to let everyone’s hard work go to waste. Sorry it took so long to do that. I guess everyone needs a fire lit under them from time to time.

Anyways, I do acknowledge that we don’t have the staff to continue scanlationing Campione!, but Renascence Scans is willing to pick this up, so I will simply wish them good luck.

Visit their homepage at

Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch012

Wow, this chapter alone had 7 doublespread pages to be merged. But our team of redrawers were fearless and didn’t back down from a challenge. Love them to bits!

In this chapter I did my very first merge since being in the scanlation community back in 2013…It turned out alright! (It’s the 4th page into the story…)

After this we have chapters 13, 14 and an epilogue and then this story arc will be at a close. No! (>.<) Hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did!