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Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch045

And thus, we reach the end of the story. This isn’t the end of volume 10, but we will not be scanlating the remaining oneshot.

This manga had a rough and tempestuous ride over the years. It had public translations and public releases, groups picking up and dropping, groups rejecting it because it had too many redraws or because of a falling out on a personal level, public tank raws, private mag raws, private tank raws, deals made, promises broken, souls crushed, and life energies drained.


I will miss you, Rin, my favorite perverted football girl. And go to hell, Yuuki, you did not deserve that nipple ticket anyway!

Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch038

So I looked at the poll results… (See the previous Shuukyuu Shoujo release post)

The majority of the readers either did not want us to work on that oneshot or did not care at all. Taking into account people who cared so little they didn’t even vote, I might say that the vast majority isn’t really interested in the oneshot. Therefore, it will not be scanlated.

But here’s the next Football Girl chapter.

Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch037

Someone was claiming the next chapter would be released next year… Haha! The joke’s on you, buddy! A month and a half. Take that!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: after looking through the remaining volumes of this manga, I realized that a part of volume 10 has nothing to do with this manga. Thus, I will leave it up to you readers to decide what we do with it (details inside).

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I’ll check the results one week from today and decide accordingly.

Kimi no Knife ch 63


Here we go, it’s more depressing shit in Kimi no Knife. We still don’t know when volume 10 will be out. Maybe April, maybe May…

But I did realize that I have a few problems with manga in general. First of all, it’s black and white. What’s up with that? You know we read it on the computer anyway, so come on, just color it. Second, it’s right to left. Japan, even your web pages go from left to right, and again, you know we’ll just read it on the computer… So make it flow the right way already! But the biggest problem is that manga is full of boxy script that looks like moonrunes. Seriously? You know we’re gonna be reading it in English, so why not skip the extra step and just put the English text in from the start? Geez, even Koreans do it! Come on Japan, get into the 21st century.