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New~ Superior Cross v5 ch18

credit page

It a project that a lot of people have been waiting for, just got to say i really enjoy working on this as it is one of my Favorite series. Hehe, it not really imangascans project, but I decided to release here since this was the main group I work with. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the people on the credit page, they all played their important part.

Currently this chapter is watermarked, and as i said in the release note found on one of the last few pages, I wont be releasing a watermark-free version since Enxame will be releasing the volume not too long from now. So wait for theirs if you like to have a good copy.
It was HARD AS HELL TO FIND TRANSLATOR for this series, and still in need of them to finish the rest and the next volume, since Enxame doen’t seem to want my help. With more translators i could release more.

Oh right you can find the release at batoto, you can download a copy here too but it still gonna have watermark on it….

Itsuka Tenma ch15

nothing much to say at this time, it been the same, busy with life, exams, blah blah blah etc etc
Hopefully you wont have to wait long for the next release since we got Larethian to help again =]

One more thing, light novels are awesome and good for reading on the bus, I suggest getting the bakaReader app(or going to baka-tsuki site) and read some of the stories.

Happy thanksgiving!

Kimiiro 28

this chapter did get stalled from the lack of staff on it…but at least you guys are finally getting it now~~~ right? It all that matters and nothing else.

some more good news volume 5 of kimmiro should be getting a release soon too (yah we somehow found the time to do the tank version, and future tank versions too). OF COURSE all of these good news is thanks to some people that decided to help us.
NJMANGA -> like the raw provider for a lot of series people read
SIRAKI -> new staff willing to do any projects

gotta give them a hand or else I wouldn’t have felt like doing any of it.

…side note:
i hear viscans is looking for a permanent translator for let’s lagoon

Shikotama ch06 (final)

it finally here, the final chapter. Spacial thanks to Gachimaya for willing to finish it, and all the older groups that worked on this…

anyway let celebrate:

  • Constitution Day at Lithuania
  • Gospel Day at Cook Islands
  • Republic Day at Kazakhstan
  • Restoration Day at Taiwan
  • Thanksgiving Day at Grenada

oh, idea was stolen from prinny (he wanted to be different, but now that not possible)

Kimiiro 27

imagine what happen there
woot finally it out… we had a set back due to not having a translator. But thanks
cmertb for picking it up, we were finally able to finish it. clap clap for him

anyway I wanted to write the post because the people who usually
does writethem have nothing to say.. point is:

we’re looking for anyone that interested in this series and wants to help with
typesetting or cleaning the tank version. We have the raw files and translations,
just no one to actually do the rest of the work for it.