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First Love MALISA Chapter 2

Well folks, for those that have been waiting, here it is, Chapter 2 of First Love MALISA. I`ve had this one done for about 5 days, and have been forgetting to upload it her because one of my links didn`t want to upload it. Yeah, lame excuse I know, sorry. Well, never mind that now here it is and hope you enjoy.

Ikigami Chapter 22

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the next story arc in the adventurous story that is Ikigami. With a new arc comes a new set of problems for the people involved, and this one has plenty of problems in it. However, the key questions still remain, Who is going to receive the Ikigami?, Should they be the ones to actually get it?, Will this be the story arc that causes Fujimoto to finally turn against the NPPA? Well, not all questions will be answered in this chapter, but after reading it, I`m sure you will have some new questions of your own.

Heads Chapter 3

Well, this chapter has been a LONG time coming, but I have finally got it done for you folks. This chapter will delve deeper into everything that has happened so far, although I won`t say how much, you`ll have to read for yourself to find out.


Oh, and yes, I know I didn`t build up this chapter better, but I`m sick so please forgive me for not building like I normally do.