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Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 8

Here it is folks, finally, the release of chapter 8 of Magical Circle Guru Guru. I don`t have much to say, for it. I`ve had it ready for a day or two, but I wanted to do a hand drawn credits page, and I`ve had issues with my main hand as of late. Either way, here it is at last. Read up and enjoy folks.

Ikigami Chapter 24

Here we are ladies and gentlemen. The ending of another heart wrenching arc of that death delivering series, Ikigami. With the end of the arc comes plenty of answer that the previous two chapters brought up. Will Mina make it aboard Rajaab`s boat? What will happen with the illegal car situation? Will Ryuuta stop Naoko from sending Mina away? Will Ryuuta change his ways for Mina`s sake? What will Fujimoto think about all that has happened due to his latest delivery? Those questions and more will receive answers, but you know what you have to get them……..READ!


Heads Chapter 5

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the next chapter in that suspense filled series, Heads. More questions have arisen since the last chapter. What was with that face at the end of the last chapter? Is the donated brain portion already showing side effects? Is everything going to actually be ok? Well, I can not say all of those will be answered, but I can tell you that questions not listed will be answered, I just don`t want to really give anything away. So, if you want answers to those questions and more, I can only suggest that you do one thing…….READ.


Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 7

No ladies and gentlemen, you are not seeing things. Chapter 7 is up and not even a full day later. If you were thinking, great now I have to wait a while again, well you didn`t wait as long as you thought you might have been, did you? Will Nike be able to save Kukuri and Zaza? Will those two guys following him help or hurt his cause? What exactly is going to happen when the arrive at the mountain? Well, take and read to find out, and remember…….

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Heads Chapter 4

Well, after the last chapter what can you say. Don`t you just hope it gets better for poor Naruse-kun? Well, after what all he`s been through, can it really get any worse? That question will have to wait for another chapter, but other questions do indeed get answered in this one. So take a read and remember…….


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