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Kaitaishinsho ZERO Ch.3

Here is another chapter of Kaitaishinsho Zero. A little late. Sorry about that.

Will do better next time.

Also, I want to thank Vaane , archknight and Galooza for their help.

Please enjoy the chapter!!! :D

[Newcomer] Kaitaishinsho ZERO Ch.1

I have been looking for a new series to start working on for a while now.

This series has been pointed out to me a few day ago, but we only

started work on it a little over 24 hours ago.

So, everything from Translation to QC took 1 day, and for this succesfull release

i would like to thank the staff involved.

They all helped me a lot( I`d send them kisses, but they are all guys XD).

Well that is about all I have to say for now.

I jope you all like the series, and thanks again for the help.

Please Enjoy!!!

Batting Female Doctor Saori Ch04

Here is another chapter of Batting Female Doctor Saori!

Well, Kajii was supposed to release this… but couldn`t find his words XD.

Also, please welcome our new typesetter Hazama. He did a great job on this chapter and

we look forward for more good work from him in the future. :D

All I have left to say is:

Please enjoy the chapter!!!