Soul Catcher(S) Ch041

An interesting phenomenon in the Japanese language is the existence of wasei-eigo terms. Those are words that a Japanese person might assume are of English origin (and perhaps they were, at some point in the distant past), but to an English speaker they’re either nonsense, or have a completely different meaning than what is intended.

Some examples:
kuuraa – air conditioner
consento – power socket
furaido poteto – French fries
nooto pasokon – laptop
jaazhii – tracksuit
saidaa – soda
baikingu – all-you-can-eat buffet
manshon – apartment

Nothing to do with music, I know… Enjoy the new chapter.

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  1. I’ve heard those terms often in anime and wondered about them, actually. Thanks for the mini Japanese lesson! And for the chapter, of course :)

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