Hakoniwa no Fraulein Ch001

Holy crap.

Y’all never expected me to still be alive after we gave Baby Steps away, did you?! Really though, let’s talk some sports; both online and athletic ones. The T’Wolves look nice on paper; it’s just unfortunate they can’t finish games. CLG’s roster doesn’t look like it’ll ever change, but personally I think that’s a good thing (let’s go Aphromoo!). The Wild are in the middle of the pack and that’s not really a good thing.

Oh… here’s a new series. I was going to have pochacco release it, but I really wanted to see if I still had the ability to post things. I’m sure that the last thing you would want is another youtube video. Seriously now, georgi gets way too out-of-hand with those.

Not-even-a-minute edit: Whoops. Borked the reader. Working on it. At least the dll works. Where’s georgi when you need him?

A-few-minutes edit: Unborked the reader. -georgi

7 thoughts on “Hakoniwa no Fraulein Ch001”

  1. Thanks for scanlating this !!
    Thought I’ll never get to read this series by Tachibana Shinnosuke xD

  2. TBH we had chapter 1 finished for many months and it was just waiting for *someone* (ahem georgi) to quality check it. But I’m so glad joeshen helped me to QC this and he also made the credit page. Looks beautiful!

    Although our translator crimson_otome is MIA, I just want to say thank you for your contribution regardless. I hope we will see you again some day.


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