Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch045

And thus, we reach the end of the story. This isn’t the end of volume 10, but we will not be scanlating the remaining oneshot.

This manga had a rough and tempestuous ride over the years. It had public translations and public releases, groups picking up and dropping, groups rejecting it because it had too many redraws or because of a falling out on a personal level, public tank raws, private mag raws, private tank raws, deals made, promises broken, souls crushed, and life energies drained.


I will miss you, Rin, my favorite perverted football girl. And go to hell, Yuuki, you did not deserve that nipple ticket anyway!

9 thoughts on “Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch045”

  1. Thanks you very much finishing up this series. Snif, snif. This serie in particular was my favorite together with Vanadis and My house doll.

  2. It’d been years since I first saw it… and it was just raws for the first chapter at that time. Seeing project like this with mark “(end)” is a joyful yet sad thing. But I want to thank you for making it complete. :) Thanks for release and overall work on SS. ^___^

  3. I’m in tears. I can’t believe I live the tale of completing this series. Thanks for all your hard work. \0/

  4. so sad this ended it was hard to keep this on the ”to read” list since for a time we didnt get a realease for months , great job guys to see this one to the end , really excited to see your next job since i read a lot of manga from you xD

  5. Wow, I didn’t know the series had had such a ride… Anyway thanks for finishing it, guys!
    Are you thinking about picking anything new? Why not take a look at the “suggestions” section in your forum? ^^, eheh

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