Madan no ou to Vanadis Ch034

I’m beginning to feel like the “Count” from Sesame Street with the number of things that suddenly show up at my virtual desk.

“Three, three, three releases today. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

On a better note, (georgi tells me that) the reader works now! Now hopefully my website access will stop getting revoked. >.>

4 thoughts on “Madan no ou to Vanadis Ch034”

  1. Kind of wish that your group is doing Mushibugyo, Dragonar Academy as well as someone to star Code Geass OZ

    1. They already have a lot of series on their active list. I would rather see them work on those than pick up a lot of new ones and spread their resources even thinner.
      Anyway it is great to have some more over the top fun scanlated.
      Thank you to the team!

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