Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch038

So I looked at the poll results… (See the previous Shuukyuu Shoujo release post)

The majority of the readers either did not want us to work on that oneshot or did not care at all. Taking into account people who cared so little they didn’t even vote, I might say that the vast majority isn’t really interested in the oneshot. Therefore, it will not be scanlated.

But here’s the next Football Girl chapter.

4 thoughts on “Shuukyuu Shoujo Ch038”

  1. Thanks for the chapter!! Sucks you wont do the oneshot though =( I voted for you to do it

  2. Are we just going to ignore the fact that you guys just release the latest chapter of shuukyuu shoujo for only 8 days!? Are you drinking Redbull or something? lol

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