Apocalypse Alice Ch003

Gunjou is showing off her cute points this chapter. And Shiro is an idiot. Now, off to the Labyrinth!

But enough of my eloquent summaries, please welcome ryetten to the team. He did an excellent job taking over as translator for Alice!

7 thoughts on “Apocalypse Alice Ch003”

  1. Joining in on the list of thanks, i’d like to say thanks as well.
    Thought this one was dead until you came along – now i hope it’s something i can get addicted to XD

  2. Thank you for the new chapter. I was really wanting to continue the reading after chapter 2 [last year] and seeing my Alice’s folder yesterday reminded me of the series. Good that I will be able to continue the reading.
    Again, thank you fot the chapter.

  3. Thank you for bring this chap.3 up
    really appreciate this. where did you get the RAW if it’s ok to ask?

  4. i don’t usually go onto translators website to give my thanks, but holy shit i just moved this manga to my translation hell list on mangaupdates and you guys just out of nowhere updated it. Thanks ryetten and Imangascans for the translation!

  5. Whoa! New chapter of Alice?!
    I can’t almost believe it!
    Thanks for the new chapter!
    I hope the next chapter won’t take so long this time.
    Looking forward until his fight in the labyrinth, read up till volume 3 of the novel and freakin’ loved it. :D
    Keep up the great work!

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