10 thoughts on “Soul Catcher(S) Ch026”

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Say Chaba-san, how come Georgi never admits to laziness when he does a one-line comment?

    1. My one-liners are never because of laziness…. they are the culmination, nay, the distilled essence, of hours and hours of thinking and sincere effort. Yep.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    On that note, I’ve had an issue ever since the new reader came out. Every page gets resized into a tiny and unreadable version of itself! My workaround is pretty much going on batoto…

    1. Well, you can read it anywhere you want, though you’re only guaranteed to get the latest files if you read it on our reader (we don’t bother uploading elsewhere or notifying readers when we make changes)
      You’re not the first one who has brought this up, so I guess I’ll change the defaults. There is a way to disable it yourself – just need to log in via google and change the settings.

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