7 thoughts on “Shinwa Ponchi Ch020”

  1. Thanks fo the chapter!!
    And if you wouldn’t mind!! can you tell me when you would realise the last volume of Shuukyuu Shoujo?!

    1. none really, the translator Chaba is already working on soul catchers, I’m already involved with pretty much everything, and the rest was done by Azuma and his staff from Viscans, so they’re not very likely to get involved with anything else.

  2. Thanks a lot for the all the hard work put into translating this manga to the end!! :)

  3. I like this manga very much… there are space for season 2, but I think never will happen because ppl want boring all-around powerfull positive types vanquishing obstacles with your own growing power. The MC was very interesting with your negative mind! Thank you for your hard work wining over this manga helplessness… :D

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