Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch008

Kai and Aki go look for Subaru, who’s apparently run away from home, and run into some kidnappers in the process. Maybe they’ll c-confine them and do this and that with them, lol.

Almost forgot to mention, please welcome jggimi, our new cleaner! Lots of time and love put into this chapter :)

3 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes – Revival Legacy Ch008”

  1. Thanks! But uhm, lol, you swapped some digits around on page 1 (page 2 of the reader), hahah. 1997 should be 1979. He died in 2011 at the age of 32. And he was not a super-mega-child-prodigy that graduated from the faculty of kyoudai at age 3 :P

    1. Oh ooops.

      Actually it’s 1977 but yeah, definitely a mistake on our part.

      edit: fixed now

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