25 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch243”

  1. Based Imangascans.

    Though as another person pointed out, typo on Baby_V26_042.png. Should be “change-of-pace”, not “chance-of-pace”.

  2. Thanks for the chapter ! I hope the lack of sport and LCS talking aren’t due to bein depressing about some issue but if that’s the case cheer up readers are with ya !

  3. Typo on page 3, in case you didn’t know yet and wanted to amend it.

    In any case, thank you for the release! :D

  4. Damn, you guys are on fire! The Baby Steps drought is well and truly over. Thanks, everyone!

  5. You’ve got Devan Dubnyk starting 25+ games in a row and Andrew Wiggins, though. Talking about those guys doesn’t interest you?

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