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  1. ugh, this yuriki girl still pisses me off. i swear every scene she’s in is just making me wish something should happen to her. i found out that the raws are completed like back in 2010 and now me and everyone else are still waiting for the next chapter. hopefully it’ll involve someone telling her bs. tell me, if you read the raw is there something happening to yuriki?

    1. I’ve read all of it but tbh I don’t really remember what happens in detail. I don’t remember anything in particular happening to Yuriki, though.

  2. I like you guys a lot but seriously please release baby steps more often! And if not just let it go to other people to do the translation then. You guys really are so far off!

    1. The answer lies in the FAQ somewhere. I might sound a bit rude, but please don’t take it the wrong way.

      We don’t feel particularly obligated to catch up to the raws in a hurry, so whatever expectation you have about our speed is quite mistaken, I’m afraid. We are already releasing as fast as possible, so asking about it won’t make it go any faster.

      Also, you seem to be mistakenly assuming scanlation only requires translation – this is disrespectful both to the rest of staff and to the translator herself, since it makes it sound like she’s slow when she’s really several chapters ahead of the releases already and doing an excellent job.

      Your desire for instant gratification can hurt the series in the long term. You only seem to want faster chapters now when really slow and steady wins the race in scanlation – we’ve been releasing Baby Steps for years, and we plan to continue doing so. Getting other scanlation groups involved now might bring you faster releases for a while, but past examples have shown that few can keep a series going as long as we have, so the series might end up with no scanlators at all in the future!

      Anyway, it’s best to be patient, and if you can’t be, well, tough. You’re just lucky joeshen is the one working on BS instead of me, since he actually does maintain quite a good release pace whereas I would have been perfectly happy with a release every 3 months or so.

    2. Yo, Faz, If you want faster releases, learn Japanese and subscribe to the raws. Or, make a nice large donation to the scanlators by way of incentive. Don’t go p*ssing off the scanlators by crabbing for faster releases! Scanlators are manga enthusiasts who do this as a creative hobby, they aren’t getting paid for it!
      I for one, am grateful for what they do.
      — the Ape.

    3. I’m thankful for you two even working on a long running series like baby step because so many other sport series have less to work for then this series

  3. Joyeux Nol (and any other appropriate Seasons Greetings!)

    I always felt defence was more difficult and challenging than attacking. It certainly leaves far less room for error.

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