Shinwa Ponchi Ch018

Hi everyone~!

Here we have Shinwa ch 18 for you, with the shocking truth! 2 more chapters to go, what do you think, how will this manga end? I know how it will, already, of course, but I’m curious about what your theories are, so… comments please~

On another note, I’m not sure when we can bring you the last two chapters, I’m waiting for proof on them atm *looks at joeshen*.

Anyway, enjoy this fresh and hot out of the oven chapter~

5 thoughts on “Shinwa Ponchi Ch018”

  1. Will put Diego on a platter. Apollo and Athena will be arguing to decide weather or not to kill Diego. Meanwhile Sorako will be helping Diego escape to earth by ridding a Pegasus. After the comical chase, they finally agree to wait until Diego dies naturally.

  2. I think athena will vote for change Deigo to god, Sorako to goddess, marry them end finally kick Lyssa’s ass… ok, Apolo votes against, and Hera tirn they in gods only to frustrate Apolo… but lyssa is confortable and prefer stay inside Deigo. So Sorako and Deigo has the honeymoon and Lyssa is in danger to be expeled only to the couple discover athena and the gang hiding in the room, ruining the mood. athena votes come again next night so she can fight Lyssa when she get expeled… end?

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