Baby Steps Ch240

I think I’ve made y’all wait long enough. My bad.

The job hunt continues on while I proof these last chapters for Shinwa (my bad Chaba, lolol). Hopefully y’all had something to do with all these Black Friday / Cyber Mondays / every other stupid naming convention that comes to mind… sales that occurred.

As per usual, Minnesota teams are hot and cold depending on factors that really can’t be factored. Animosity looms (not really) in the staff channel as the Habs are visiting the Wild tonight. With the passing of Jean Beliveau I’m in the belief that the Wild aren’t winning this one. C’est la vie.

17 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch240”

  1. Truly greatful to you guys for updating the manga.. Would be awesome if was regular as before though. but well knowing u guys i guess there r issues … Well please keep up the good work ^^

  2. Thanks for the chapter guys!

    Oh man, every one of these matches going on is great, if it wouldn’t mean an extra 5 years of chapters, I would love to see a full focus on each one :P

    And Aki, as adorable as you are, and as sorry as I feel for you, Natsu was there first.

  3. Thank you. Once again, a terrific job by the team. :) (I’ve seen the raws, I know how much work it is to get this quality!!)

  4. Thanks a lot !!! This was an interesting chapter. I’m Anxious for the next one ! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH !

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