Bamora! Ch010

This chapter reminded me a lot of when I was a kid playing football/soccer. I wasn’t very good, so I’d always get suck either playing goalie or defence… and would feel like I was dragging the rest of the team down. I’m probably still not that good, but at least I don’t feel bad about it anymore, heh.

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  1. It always surprises me when they put the kid who aren’t good at football (soccer) in goals or defence. Then they get upset when the kids let through a heap of goals. Best kids should be on defence. Thanks for the release.

    1. A while back I overheard a girl’s football coach trying to deal with parents that wanted their daughter to be moved up to the midfield or attacker. It was obvious from the conversation that she lacked the speed the coach wanted up front, but what was worse from the coach’s POV was that she was by far the most reliable centre defender that he had and he really did not want to give that up. A lot of people just do not understand how valuable to a team are the people who do the “dirty work” on defence or setting up plays are.

    2. I think ppl do realize it later on, but as kids doing things their own way, it’s usually the ones w/ the bigger egos and more self-confidence that go up front while the rest just play defence. Though nothing particularly wrong with that, as you can be proud as a defender too… it’s too difficult for me, though – much more comfortable playing winger or forward.

    3. As a kid playing hockey I was very good in goal and later on defence. When I returned to the sport many years later I mostly played wing because my skills had eroded to the point that I did not trust myself as a defenceman. Eventually I played almost every position, but I never was as good as I was as a kid. Forward was mostly easier than defence though. Except when I found myself as the grinder on a line with two speedsters (air — need more air……! Helped my point totals though!)

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