Baby Steps Ch239

Still adjusting to the job hunt schedule (gainfully unemployed at the moment), so you’ll have to excuse me for not really wanting to stick to my original plan of Wednesday releases. We’ll see what happens (I still owe Chaba some proofs too, SORRY!!!).

The T-Wolves are on yet another downward spiral, but Rubio’s been injured so there’s not much that can be done. Bud has to improve his shot (K-Mart too), LaVine just has to feel more comfortable on the floor and everything should go alright for these puppies. The Wild are in a similar funk; hopefully the win against the Sabres will be the start of something good.

Final thought: The Habs are 12-4-1. They destroyed the Bruins yesterday. How do I know? It’s the only time the staff channel lights up in conversation (go figure).

19 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch239”

  1. Thnx for the update.
    Just wanted wolves are becoming very interesting. I love the advice Wade gave to Wiggins, he turned it up against the kings.
    -Raps fan and Baby steps fan

  2. Just a question unrelated to Baby Steps: will you keep working on My Doll House? If yes when will it happen?
    Thank you anyway. Best wishes for the crew.

    1. We will. As for when, the answer is always the same – we don’t have a schedule, so it happens when it happens.

  3. Hi !
    Thanks for the chap ! o/
    Good luck for finding a job, i know how hard it can be these days ! .__.
    Anyway ! Thanks !

  4. Thanks a lot for the release!
    (I didn’t know women tennis is played with ping-pong balls…:P (see p 19.))

    Good luck with the job hunt Joeshen!

    1. Yeh, the angle is definitely a bit awkward for sure. I even went to grab a tennis ball just to make sure. lolol

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