Baby Steps Ch238

No Baby Steps last week was my fault; currently dealing with a lot of real-life situations that take precedent over you folks. I like you guys and all that, but not enough to ignore those things. It does seem that georgi distracted y’all with an El P. release though. hahaha…

Having said that, here’s Baby Steps. Let’s talk about how my Timberwolves legitimately got trolled by the ref in that Bulls game. We should have won that one and be 3-1 right now; that game was such crap from a ref. standpoint. At least they’re looking good so far (through only four games anyway).

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  1. Hey man, gotta take care of real life to be able to have another life :) Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Thank you guys for the hard work.
    Sincerely, it’s the first time since the beginning of this manga I am not enjoying it a little bit. I hate Kanda, deeply. The “win or die” it’s typical of many manga’s and I never liked it, it’s cheesy and stupid. Until now sensei never used anything like this so I am sure it will just be a short parenthesis (short as Kanda’s presence), but i hope it will be over soon. I like long matches, especially Ogata’s (or was it Okata’s? Damn those names!) , but this it will be just a long and painful wait for it to end.
    Sigh, with the pace sensei is taking, it will be at least 2 months of this obnoxious guy. GRRRRRRRRRR
    Go Maruo, finish him fast!

  3. Hmm, Kanda is a lot tougher than I first imagined. Still, he’s being way too arrogant this early in the match. Show him what you can really do Maruo!

  4. Hi ! Thanks for the chap, i tough maruo would have to put less effort to beat him, seems that he is stronger than i tough.
    Anyway, good luck with your real life problem, i hope it’s not too bad.

  5. You mean that last call where Wiggins bit the pump fake and fouled? You shouldn’t be salty about that since it was a clear foul and that wouldn’t have been a travel since Butler stood back up and didn’t take another dribble step but instead went for a shooting motion/fake. A veteran move by Butler that took advantage of a rookie mistake from Wiggins. I’ve seen way worse calls than that that decided the a game and that one was pretty fair by all accounts. It was a good match all around and there were bad calls called on both sides and Wolves played competitively vs a Bulls team that were missing key players. Be happy that you have a competitive team instead of fixating on what happened. Wolves look great this year and got a win tonight vs Brooklyn. They’ll be a playoff team for sure next year.

    Thanks for the work on the scans too btw! Hopefully the real life stuff is sorted out.

    1. Oh no, not that. Wiggins made a terrible leap on that; that was his mistake. I’m more mad about the 3rd quarter foul differential… that single difference made the game for Chicago. If it wasn’t for that differential I strongly believe we would’ve taken that game.

  6. Sorry if someone has pointed this out already, but Ogata-kun is listed twice on page 16 when Eiichiro is talking about the players he has defeated.

    Thanks for all the releases!

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